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I've Been Here 10 Years Like 3 Months Ago

2015-11-26 02:29:35 by Josh-B


Goin to Philly

2015-03-14 03:53:29 by Josh-B

As a surprise twist in my life, I'm going to NG for the Pico Day celebration and meet a bunch of people I don't know on a website I never visit anymore. I'm sure to have a great time!

See all you fine folks there.

Happy 9 years to me!

2014-08-27 00:56:59 by Josh-B


7 Years of Shit

2012-08-29 03:21:26 by Josh-B

So I'm off a few weeks.

Seems only yesterday...

Newgrounds was great. I didn't have much going for me up to that point, so I thought Flash was going to be my life, at least for the 2 years or so I practically lived here. My visiting dropped off drastically past that point, but it was probably the most eventful 2 years of my life up to that point.

I may not spend all my free time here anymore, but I still check around. Often enough at least to remember just exactly how long since I first came here.

Well, thats enough reminiscing for a year.

6 Years...

2012-03-11 00:44:12 by Josh-B

Oh how time flies. I miss those good ol' days of making shitty movies and not giving a crap about it.


2012-02-07 22:35:03 by Josh-B

S'cool I guess. Seems kinda cluttered and messy but, I'm sure there's a lot of logic behind the new layout. Graphically, I wouldn't call it an "improvement", just more complex, like the thought process most designers have when redoing something is to make it more elaborate, not necessarily an improvement. On the outside, having a complete overhaul never seems necessary to me, especially considering you can just add new features and things as you go along, but I'm sure there's a lot of new back-end stuff that was redone to improve the site.

Overall, its okay. I'll get used to the more cluttered layout. Isn't as much of an improvement as the last redesign was, but I trust Tom and Co. had reason enough to go to the trouble of changing the site, so I trust them on that.

I mean, I don't really hang out here much anymore, so I don't need to like it THAT much.


Starting a Flash animation team! Now hiring!

2012-01-30 19:26:36 by Josh-B

so im starting a flash animation team. im going to have some artists, animators, a music guy and maybe a programmer. im going to think of all the ideas and you guys are going to animate it and possibly going to make some money. maybe if we're successfull we'll make a game next(which is why we need a programmer). heres a list of all the peopple im going to need right now:

job openings for new flash team:
1 artist(for the backrounds)
2 animators
1 writer(theyll write out my ideas)
1 musician
1-2 programmers(for the menus and games and stuff)

im going to manage you guys and think up all the ideas. when we get sponsored its going to be divided up like this:

manager/founder(me): 30%
artists: 20%
animatores: 15%
writrers: 10%
musician: 5%
programmars: 10%

also i dont have a name thought up yet for our team but i think we're going to go as the killer elite. if yuor intereested email me at first come first serve!!1!

Sorry to bother, but...

2011-12-09 01:04:09 by Josh-B

My old Flash MX no longer works on Windows 7, so if anyone wants to donate an old copy of Flash 8 or 9 or whatever that'd be much appreciated cuz I know how much people love my animations and want me to animate again after all its been only...3 YEARS? Jesus, where does the time go anyway send me yer flash and ill start making things again for serious this time gonna be famous on newgrounds lol jk

also luis


2011-06-04 01:35:21 by Josh-B

...more like boobs.

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